Where Home Lived | Olivia Tefft

I dream about you in twenty-three colours. Here is the place where I say lost. Here is the place where I say storm. Here is the house where best friends forever lived. Here is the swing-set where we never stop falling. Nineteen years and we’re still falling. If I ever find wings I think it will be here. Here is the rooftop where we almost froze. Here is also where we fell in love. Come sit by the river where I waited for you. I’m still waiting for you. Come back. The sky has changed, but I’m the same. The water is colder, but so am I. Here is the path where we said forgiveness. The water is colder and I’m afraid. Here is where we say closure. Here is the room where I lost myself. The sky’s a storm and so are we. Last night, I dreamt about you in nineteen shades of thunder. Don’t come back. If I ever find wings, I don’t think it will be here.

Olivia Tefft is nineteen years old, and studying Kinesiology at the University of Manitoba. She is a dancer, a cat-cuddler, a feminist and an accidental poet. You can find more of her writings on love, childhood and mental illness at http://trouble-speak.tumblr.com

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