Queen of Olympus | Courtney Hammond

No one praises Zeus
for her gallivanting,
her lightning seduction
striking men’s bedrooms
like revelation,
her half-mortal progeny
springing fully-formed
from her youth
womb, her hips
leaving them to grow
outside of herself
away from her throne
her lips are thunder
and her hands kiss
bolts like love
into men’s chests.
No one calls Zeus
an all-mother,
just a glutton
for things less savory
a dead-beat parent
unfit to rule
with emotions rolling
like storm clouds
too much temper
in her fists
too much hunger
in her hips
don’t you know
that’s not something fit
even for a goddess
even for a queen
don’t you know
only a king
can be that?

Courtney Hammond is a graduate student at The Ohio State University in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. While Salt Lake City, Utah will always be her home and the place she (re)discovered poetry, she’s currently enjoying getting to know Ohio. Her work has been previously published in Scribendi.


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