2 Poems | Briana Lynn

There is this hole that I am trying to fill with orgasms
It has been setting in me like dusk
I have been looking for love in pelvises
Between thighs and hip bones
Because I was told that is the only place it grows

She Cool Though
I was what they said they wanted
The good girl
The virgin
I earned the privilege of being called by my name
There’s a difference between a woman and a bitch
The closet freak
The cool girl
The girl that laughs at everything
That doesn’t acknowledge her emotions
And doesn’t get hurt or angry
Not often at least
Bitches crazy

I was a shell

Then I shaved my head
I stretched my afro
I indulged in my emotions
I masturbated
I fucked
I tasted cum
I got angry
I disagreed
I cried
I was afraid

And I was free

Briana Lynn is a 22 y.o. writer, dancer, and Brooklyn transient imported from Chicago. DM her @DrinkMoWater if you’re hiring.

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