Double Loss | Claire Scott

And I saw her lying there
under a paper sheet with

pale pink cherry

and I saw him with soft eyes
and a stethoscope

say you better
sit down

I saw you wipe sorrow with
your sleeve, sketch your

heart on a wall of

knowing she couldn’t resist
the lure of the needle

to paradise

and I saw passion streak
like  a comet across

the solar system
of your love

splitting into pieces
dispersing all


cherry blossoms fading
and falling

Claire Scott is an award winning poet who has published in numerous literary magazines. She has been nominated twice for the  Pushcart Prize (2013 and 2014).  She was also a semi-finalist for both the 2014 Pangaea Prize and the 2014 Atlantis Award.  Claire is a winner of the Arizona State Poetry Society 2013 Annual Poetry Contest. Her forthcoming first collection of poems, Waiting to be Called, was published in March of 2015.


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