How to Love a Country of War | Louisa Gardner

hold the fragments of your home in your hands
when it comes time, throw it to the sea
you never liked it anyway
kiss the cheeks of each and every man with a gun
tell them you love them
they have never heard those words before in their lonely lives
braid the weeping women’s hair
pull it away from the girl leaning over toilets
carve the child out of her stomach
give it to the forest
run your thumb along the cracks of the desert
smooth it over
rest grenades in your mouth
when they explode, swallow them
hide orphans in your skirts
shelter them like they are cats
seeking refuge from the harsh night
tear apart the famine like bread
eat it until your stomach aches from the hollow
throw up
when they leave, sigh
wait, and repeat

Louisa Gardner is a feminist by circumstances of life, being raised in an Indigenous
Australian community, before moving to a city. She rambles in increasing frequency about the world, in between shawarma, prayer and scribbling over every available surface.


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