Ninevah | Carrie Naughton

has all happened before
and I am sorry

to the beating of fists
on the drum skins
on the soil itself
on the chests of men
on the faces of women

is the heartbeat of history

sledgehammers drills and bonfires

the statue toppled off its plinth
over and over
reduced to fragments
in a viral vine

oh Lord
the idols fall broken in the temple
and every man speaks for the profit
on a recurring loop
on the eve of destruction
on this loot of ages

you Goddess
save us all
rage on
like a timber wolf
like a wolverine
rise above
remind us to be fearless
remind us that
this earth is our home
and here we make our stand

Carrie Naughton is a freelance bookkeeper who writes speculative fiction, environmental essays, book reviews, and poetry.  Her work can be read at freezeframefiction, Luna Station Quarterly, Silver Birch Press, and Slink Chunk Press. Find her at – where she blogs frequently about whatever captures her interest.


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