Body as Soup Kitchen | Nicole Deardorff

I’m not good
with boys
or with my body

I give the first
too much,
the latter
not nearly enough

These men
with hungry hands,
emancipated eyes,
line up

I wait on each one
as though
my body
is a soup kitchen
I ladle out carefully calculated
amounts of skin-
stomach, legs, hips, breasts
trying to gauge
how much will let each man
leave this shelter of a body
sufficiently satisfied

Nicole Deardorff is a queer actor, dancer, and writer. She began writing poetry as a way to stay sane. Her poetry was recently featured in the online magazines Twenty-One Pearls,Germ Magazine, Words(on)Pages, Degenerates: Voices for Peace, as well as being featured in the second printed anthology of Degenerates: Voices for Peace. Check out more of her work at


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