Record of Masturbation | Emily Jalloul

With a banana (peeled).
With grapes.
With ice-cubes,
the tub faucet,
a broken TV remote,
and my parents’ OXO Squirting Dish Brush.
With toothbrushes,
electric and not
(Oral-B was the favorite).
While watching Cinderella
and eating Cheetos
on the couch
when I was four.
With a plastic light-saber.
With the end of a hair-brush.
In a dentist’s office.
In the passenger seat
of my mom’s Intrepid
parked outside Hollywood Video.
On a sidewalk.
In my uncle’s childhood bed.
In my dad’s childhood bed.
Under my childhood bed
with my best friend
when I was seven.
In a dressing room.
In a cherry orchard.
The bathroom of a
national museum.
In the backseat of the car
as my parents thought
I was sleeping
on our way to Kentucky.
In my front yard
on the hood
of my mom’s Buick.
In my bathroom,
after a month without,
with the shower running
and construction workers
still pulling tile
from the floors.

Emily Jalloul is pursuing her MFA in poetry at Florida International University. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Pan’Ku, Quest, Yellow Chair Review, and Brev Spread.


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