the avengers | Angela Eden

my 20 year-old daughter
is finding her voice and worth
in ways her mother never has

(i was brave enough
to strip off the robe of conformity

then covered my naked lesbianism
with a cloak of complacency –

she’s training for a bigger battle)

in the year since the declaration of feminism
she’s armed herself with knowledge

a chameleon,
becoming the essays
she reads

she’s audre, adrienne, mary,
catherine, and roxane

a crusader, preaching
radical, intersectional, institution,
systemic and socialized

patriarchy: be warned
she’s coming for you and

you will atone for every wrong
done unto me and

you will account for every stripe
upon my back and

on that day her name
will be added to the list

the list of daughters
who avenge their mothers

By day, Angela Eden is a school psychologist who works with preschoolers with special needs.  By night, she teaches English 111 at a local community college.  She shares this life with her amazing wife.  Their daughter is a junior in college and their son serves in the Air Force.  An empty nest has recently allowed her time to put my thoughts into words.

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