Athenian | Jess Mize

People are trustworthy;
if you throw them in the ocean
you know they will drown.
A man’s word is as good
as gold;
it weighs more than what he does,
much like an anchor weighs
more than the boat.
If a prince tells his subjects
there will be a surfeit of Joy—
i.e Material goods—
under this sun’s May banners,
it would do well to show faith in such a
Garlands, candies, sycophantic niceties—
oh and don’t forget your wives and daughters—
This city-state, each day, celebrates its royalty.

Jess Mize is a blonde-haired surfer girl from South Carolina. Her favourite author is StephenKing. She loves to drink and she loves her man. Her work has appeared in Unbroken JournalPoetry Quarterly, and she has forthcoming poems in Narrative Journal and Corvus Review.


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