Legend of the Sampaguita | Saquina Karla Guiam

Sumpa kita, you said, lifting your hands.
You held flowers as pale as the moon,
kissed in their centers by faint gold.

I took a petal off, bit into its smoothness,
and tasted sea salt and a promise to return.

But I never did, and you became Ophelia:
crowned in flowers,
while I was crowned in seaweed.

You became one with the earth,
immortalized in the language of
green and white and yellow blooming.

I drowned in a storm, swept away by
brine and foam, becoming a name on a list
of the dead at sea.

I couldn’t come back.

Saquina Karla Guiam is 25 years old and in graduate school. In between reading academic texts and writing reports, she enjoys Playstation-era video games, cat videos, and different genres of music (except country). She lives in General Santos City (Philippines), or as she likes to call it, Pacquiao Central.


3 thoughts on “Legend of the Sampaguita | Saquina Karla Guiam

  1. tlhopkinson

    Reblogged this on Trish Hopkinson and commented:
    Always stunning work over at The Fem, including this gorgeous piece by Saquina Karla Guiam. If you need some poems to read today, stop by and see what they’re up to. Submissions are always open and always free…

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