3 Poems | Keren Chelsea


in her mouth is blood and blood and
the taste of victory even before she 
steps out into battle / lunges for your throat / leaves your men dry

her face is twisted into agony but in a way
that shows she knows she is going to win because
she will win

but there is a softness about her, too:
a softness for her people; a softness  that she will never
lend the white men who have come to abuse

she wins
because she has the strength and the softness
needed to survive / to live / to love

in the end, she wins
and there is a smile on her lips
because she knows she deserves this


nightmares are not made of
cell walls / high towers / closed doors
when she falls asleep, she dreams
of salvation / of freedom / of tomorrow

the man who creeps in the night
steals her abilities to dream.
there is something haunting about
the way he makes her fall asleep.

she does not see tomorrow 
for another 333 years.

NEWS FLASH: filipina princess saves herself

she backed herself into a hole in the dark / no one was watching / she has always been more than her prince’s submissive / her teeth are made of steel and she is sinking /
them into the arms of the padres / and the madres / who came to steal the person she was supposed to be / and in her eyes, there is no guilt / there is no mercy / all there is is blood and blood and
thinking that there will be nothing greater than this
NEWS FLASH: filipina princess saves herself
and proves her mother wrong when she said / this is all you will ever be / her nails were made for scratching / and she will put the kingdom through hell / if that is what it means for them to understand that
she is more than just the lost girl they think her to be

Keren Chelsea is a nineteen year old Filipina living in the Philippines. She writes about love and depression, and rising from these. One day, she hopes to make enough of a difference in the world. Find more of her work on http://selfapologies.tumblr.com/

*All the poems here have been published previously on her poetry blog*


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