3 Poems | Anna Lea Jancewicz

There Was That Time Kenneth Didn’t Take No For an Answer

but he didn’t know that it was rape
because I wasn’t a banshee about it because I didn’t
keep shoving Because he had been there before
Because we were not pretending that it was something like love

Because that was what I was there for and I didn’t cry
until later He didn’t know,
poor Kenneth


My Own Hands

Galaxies (between my knees)
this vaginal moment, ripping
you into being emergent
briny & softskulled
(of or pertaining to the sea)

I didn’t grow you from kitchen scraps,
you’ve no roots or tendrils
Your body is not a bird your body
is not a viper You are mammal and

my own hands are first to catch you

Bone-deep (stark the hunger)
this crushingest love, goldenmost
you made real carnality
breathing & breastbound
(of or pertaining to the mouth)

There is nothing to say about soul here,
you’ve no lack no need for
Your body is everything your body
is whole That is holy enough and

my own hands are first to touch you


My Body Makes No Apologies for Itself

and the dirt doesn’t mind.
The black trees don’t hate the sag of milked breasts. The scything stars
don’t cut the folds and flaps of belly and hips. The honeysuckle doesn’t
cringe at the hair that grows under arm and over leg.
Pebble, moss, snail gloss
don’t shudder.
I walk into night with loose teeth, calloused fingers and feet, cunt made big
from birthing glistening babies both living and dead.
The friction of thigh against thigh does not make the hunting owls cry.

Anna Lea Jancewicz lives in Norfolk, Virginia, where she homeschools her children and haunts the public libraries. She is an editor for Cease, Cows and her writing has appeared or is forthcoming at The Airgonaut, Lockjaw, Necessary Fiction, Split Lip, and many other venues. Her flash fiction “Marriage” was chosen for The Best Small Fictions 2015. Yes, you CAN say Jancewicz: Yahnt-SEV-ich. More at: http://annajancewicz.wordpress.com/

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