A Party Girl Meets the Elephant | Sarah Lilius

I’d fuck a Republican.
A one night stand without raising
taxes, without changing
We grow brittle
in our ecstasy.

His gray hair, his daddy act,
navy blue suit and red tie,
he ties me up
like an abortion bill.

He doesn’t have a condom,
I say, I’m not on the pill.
He says, even better.

He cuts off the funding,
stops me
just before
it all comes
to what I want, what I need.

Afterwards, he polishes
his gun, doesn’t ask
for seconds.
He just watches Fox News
until he falls into fitful

I leave the morning after
with hunger
no bread line could fill.

Sarah Lilius lives in Arlington, VA. She’s been published in such journals as Thank You For Swallowing, Hermeneutic Chaos, Melancholy Hyperbole, and Stirring. She’s the author of What Becomes Within (ELJ Publications, 2014) and her website is sarahlilius.com.



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