2 Poems | khaliah d. pitts


you look like a well worn road
like many men have travelled
on the highway of your shoulders
and children have picked flowered weeds from the berm
in your palms
you look like time has blown
the rogue from your cheeks
and the luster from your hair
like rain has smeared the kohl around your eyes
and the after-sun cracked
your lavish lips
you look like a well worn road
carrier for parables and fables and psalms
folklore and fairytales
wars and weddings
deaths and demonstrations
you look worn, child
and well
you should
i never gave a daughter a burden she could not carry
and you
will carry us all.


when i found him

he was full, swole with
fire, with seas of brimstone
he was full, warm, whole

he was grounded, here
he was gargoyle legged, stone and
full, warm, whole, there, here.

he was married to
the atmosphere. clouds and stars
and shit. all the sky.

when i found him, he
was a creature of story
hidden in the woods

i was a field of
lavender, wind and fragrance
and so prone to burn.

khaliah d. pitts is an artist and educator from philadelphia. currently, she is putting together her first manuscript and rediscovering a love for performance poetry. find her artistic endeavors at the-kdp.tumblr.com and soundcloud.com/thekdp. follow on Twitter and Instagram @the_kdp.


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