Untitled | Kelly Toal

my mother is a lighthouse,
my father the sea on its angriest days.
i was raised on a life raft
caught between the two.
whoever said all’s fair in love and war
was never a child of divorce.
is there ever an in between
when you are picking the love of a mother
the fire of a father?
there is no fine line
only an earth shattering split.
like Pangea cracking into pieces
my life did the same.
time slid us further apart
when you promised it would heal
all wounds.
melodies of nostalgia riddle my life with colors
of grey,
melodies of my past interwoven in every passing year,
in every passing day.
like a grand piano without a single working key
when you broke each other
you inevitably broke me.

Kelly Toal is a student, a silversmith, and a wordsmith. Never without a notebook and pen, she swallows what the world presents to her and digests it however the day lets her. Sleep is something she can only dream of, and inconsistency is always a go.


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