what are you, really? | Seren Karasu

the first time i realized the difference between white passing / and white / she looked at the scabbing on my legs / told me /  ‘don’t let ’em scar keep the skin soft’ / and / ‘us women of color need to look out for one another’ / i thought about / the way our difference brought us closer / the difference that separated me from so many others / closer to what i am / wanting to / become / later / ‘you’re muslim / you understand’ / what i am / the pieces are scattered at my feet / when i try to sweep them under the rug / i try to cover them up / they are less visible / i become invisible / silence is a form of camouflage / ‘what they don’t know won’t hurt ’em’ / no / it will only hurt me

S is a bagel deprived Long Island native living in Portland, OR. She is a graduate student studying Public Health at Portland State University. She is equal parts espresso and moondust.


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