2 Poems | Genelle Chaconas

The X-Ray

Your mind in reverse under blacklight under chemical radium is not so broken but indestructible like the awestruck thunder trees that splay but are never uprooted like the insatiable spring weeds that force themselves up through the cracks in the concrete or cripple the sidewalk itself that climb over the bones of ancestors immune to pesticides and pestilences the fevered poisons flush through each root systems more broken more intact than last season the symptoms a system of voracious survival your mind broken indestructible as the roots that savage the city just beneath that ripple the surface with their might.


The Magazine

I run my thumb over the scab on the inside of your elbow you flinch it’s only a few days healed and say I know that urge to uncurl a world’s slender yellow underbelly to flush like a swollen river I want to know what brought it on for you when I was a kid I remember seeing the magazines on the floor of our garage yes those kinds of magazines I was alone read with the same urge I didn’t know to be ashamed to fear the succulent rush hungers you see they’re not unlike other magazines the skin I saw and touched with imagined tonguetips fingers and appetite could have been a ruin a distant planet a cell or a star.

Genelle Chaconas is almost thirty years old, genderfluid, feminist, an abuse survivor, post-employed and proud to the bones. They’re a 2015 graduate of Naropa University, with an MFA in Writing and Poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied poetics. They have one chapbook published by Little M Press Fallout, Saints and Dirty Pictures (2011). Their work has been published in an forthcoming edition of Door is a Jar, Crab Fat, and Third Wednesday; Bombay Gin; Naropa’s Summer Writing Program Magazine; Late Peaches: Poems by Sacramento Poets; Brevities; Calaveras Station; Six Foot Swells; Primal Urge and others. They were also the host and creator of Red Night Poetry, a poetry series in Sacramento.

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