2 Poems | Stephon Lawrence



Stephon Lawrence is a Brooklyn born & based writer, and artist. She is a current candidate in the MFA in Writing at Pratt Institute and is an editor of The Felt, a journal of otherworldly poetics. Her work has appeared in Gandy Dancer, Cosmonauts Avenue, and she has a forthcoming chapbook with Horseless Press entitled, NERVS. Stephon spends her free time watching anime, yelling about white supremacy, and being real cute for the ‘gram. You can find her on twitter @nnohpetss.



2 thoughts on “2 Poems | Stephon Lawrence

  1. emmafiltness

    I really enjoyed reading this. Beautiful imagery in here – the references to bits of human bodies, hounds and sea-creatures (among other things) make for a really interesting mix in terms of the visuals this creates in the reader’s mind, and seems to have provided you with unique pool of words to play with that create interesting concepts when placed next to each other (licorice back-tentacles). Thanks for sharing this poem with the world via this lovely magazine.

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