Call me by my name | Rowan Brothers

Do not tell me that you know my body.

I don’t care if the callouses on your fingers are from caressing the dip in my collar bone or the chip on my shoulder. I don’t care if you’ve seen my guts splayed out bleeding black on paper or bright burgundy on the operating table. I don’t care if to you my birthmarks have become the birthplace of a home you never knew existed –

Do not tell me that you know my body better than I do.

I’ve had lovers try to tell me that the seeds I sewed in my soul were the wrong kind, didn’t I know that their favorite flowers were tulips?

But my pretty boy pansies were never looking for your attention, sunshine. And for that matter neither were my tulips.

Rowan Brothers is a chemistry student who works in an x-ray crystallography lab conducting research with potential HIV protease inhibitors. He plans to continue on to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine and help create a greater awareness of needs surrounding transgender health care. He uses poetry and spoken word as outlets for self-exploration and discovery as well as means to foster discussion with those in his community. He hopes that he never stops learning from those around him and always strives to meet others with compassion and understanding.


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