A Girlfriend’s Guide to Amy Fisher | Kristie Betts Letter

We get that your teeth are sharp points and she stands in your way but remember: Amy Fisher jokes never go out of style in New Jersey. With that unflagging optimism, Amy’s gun butts right up against her romantic problems, her sweet Daddy-age mechanic and his there-first bride. Amy marches up to the door, rings the bell, and when the wife opens wide, well, we all know the story. Instead of a proposal, a conviction — plus those magazines, the jokes and three made-for-TV movies.

Knock Knock.

Who’s there.

Amy Fisher

Amy F—


Funny, but a real friend has to speak up. Men you think mean well have a blade visible in the corner of their eyes. No joke.

Kristie Betts Letter‘s poems and short stories have been published in The Massachusetts Review, The North Dakota Quarterly, Washington Square, Passages North, Pangolin Papers and The Southern Humanities Review (among others.) Her novel Snow and White was just picked up by KT Literary.


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