5 Pieces by Zoë Fredrick

From the Artist:

This body of work investigates the fantasy world of the reality television series “The Bachelor” and utilizes it as a device to focus on our fascination with the emotions of women, as well as their demonization. These pliable, squishy sculptures exist in a world with an unstable definition of reality. Constant surveillance and an overemphasis on romance is woven into these pillowy structures. Taking cues from the female-led Pattern and Decoration movement and the rich history of storytelling through textiles, the glittery tears of these women hint at trauma and heartbreak.


The Whole Package - small
The Whole Package/ 2016 / Fabric, thread, packing peanuts



Please Accept My Rose - small
Please Accept My Rose / 2016 / Fabric, thread, dye, gesso, polyfil


Here For the Right Reasons - small
Here For the Right Reasons / 2016 / Fabric, thread, glitter glue, polyfil


There's Nothing Better Than Watching Girls Crying - small
There’s Nothing Better Than Watching Girls Crying / 2016 / Fabric, thread, dye, glitter glue, polyfil


She Was Always the One - small
She Was Always the One / 2016 / Fabric, thread, dye, polyfil, glass vase, magazine


Zoë Fredrick was born in rural Virginia and raised in a small wooden house built by her potter parents. After attending Sarah Lawrence College, she moved to Brooklyn to make work. Following a brief stint in Philadelphia, Zoë returned to New York to begin her MFA at the School of Visual Arts in the fall of 2015. She has participated in residencies in New Mexico, Maine, and Brooklyn.

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