Featured Friday | Meet Aine Greaney


Today’s Featured Writer is Aine Greaney. Originally from Ireland, she now lives and teaches Creative Nonfiction in New England. Check out our interview below:

Fem: How do you personally define feminism? 

Aine GreaneyI define feminism as the need to assume and assert our personal and public power. For the personal, I believe we need to become more alert to those daily gender biases that hold us back, that even the most so-called progressive folks—other women included—ignore, accept or perpetuate. For the public power, I believe that we need to appoint more women to positions of influence over the public policies and laws that govern all of our daily lives.

In terms of finding and showcasing our feminist icons or role models, we need to draw from a much wider and diverse spectrum of social classes, reproductive choices, national and ethnic origins, sexual preferences and educational backgrounds. It’s lovely to “lean in” and all of that, but we need to publicly acknowledge the fact that, for some women, the journey to personal or public power is much longer, with much bigger and more systemic obstacles to overcome along the way. These women are our feminist rock stars.

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