FEM PICKS: The Best of 2015 + To Read 2016

We asked what we could do for you, and you asked for book recs. And we were like, for sure. So this is list of the best/most important/beautifully well-crafted books we read in 2015 – and a couple we’re looking forward to getting to this year.


These poems go down with spikes lathered in honey. You’ll hear their words as faint echos for the rest of your life. You will be better for their sound.

MY HEART IN ASPIC, Sonya Vatomsky
This is all of the pretty in all of the not pretty. It’s the heart as a literal heart. It’s biting and it knows what it’s doing and it’s not going to compromise. It’s going to make you heart it. Spooky and gross in the best way.

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