Featured Friday | Meet Carol Lynn Curchoe

On Tuesday, we published a short story by Carol Lynn Curchoe and today she is our Featured Writer. Check out our interview with her and her thoughts on writing and scientific literacy:

Fem: Have you always been a writer?

Carol Lynn Curchoe: Yes, although, I did not begin writing until personal word processing entered my life because my penmanship and concentration for things that involve fine motor skills is truly lacking ☺. I attribute word processing to changing my life course forever and ever happily ever after. Until then, I was a very frustrated writer who could not deliver the words in my head. Word processing planted its life-restoring kiss on my lips, waking me from my hand written nightmare.

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Miss Accidental Blonde | Carol Lynn Curchoe

Secretly our minders had each promised the judges the heart of the fairest mortal. The poor soap maker, the rattlesnake chaser, the inimitable Mr. B. Willard Sykes of the bushy eyebrows and double joints, they stare at us.

I try to will my nipples hard. My boobs have shrunk so much, they might resemble two eggs thrown against a wall, with wide comical nipples, like peach colored eyes staring back at you. Under the glaring lights I can barely see the judges, but believe me when I tell you that if it was up to them, we would never eat and they’d fuck us until our skeletons rattled. I pinch each wrinkled flap, stretching the labia, seeing how low I can pull them, winking at the judges. I make the edges swoop in and out like a like a giant bird of prey with each pinch.

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