A Striking Resemblance | Chelsey Clammer

But I was talking about lightning.

There. Between us. Magnetic flux. The density of our different desires tethering us together. I am pulled towards him. My compass, oriented. We lie in his field of attraction. I travel and re-travel to him, again. And again.

There’s the metaphor of the magnet. The fact of how each has its magnetic moment. The pull, the touch. The continual drawing closer. Lured into that field—the magnetic one in which I enter, then his urge to me, (though not yet)(the tenacious wait), then we meet, then the two of us tumble together towards the fact of connection, the fact of attraction. His decision. He comes to me. Fact. Magnets interact. Continue reading “A Striking Resemblance | Chelsey Clammer”