Arkansas I-40 | Dennis Milam Bensie

9:00am, Kingsbow, Arkansas: a beat up truck pulls into the parking lot at the Cadillac dealership.

“We can do this,” Becky Collier says to her husband.

“I know.” Ed answers his wife squeezing her hand.

A salesman wastes no time meeting them outside.

“We’d like to buy one of your new Escalades,” Ed tells the salesman.

“Is this a trade-in?”

“No. We’re keeping our old truck.”

The salesman walks the couple out to the lot and they quickly pick out a brand new model with all the bells and whistles. The couple test drive the truck with very little thought.

“We’ll take it.”

The salesman’s surprised how fast and easy he makes the sale. The Colliers are escorted inside where the men spend the next two hours hammering out the money with the dealership’s financial office while Becky waits outside. It’s a tough transaction. They are risking their house and their farm, yet Ed agrees to a $890 a month payment for the next sixty months. He’s afraid to tell his wife how much he took out of their account for the down payment. Continue reading “Arkansas I-40 | Dennis Milam Bensie”