Featured Fem | Meet Jan Saenz

jansaenzFem: Tell us about your first novel. 

Jan Saenz: It’s called The Domestics. It’s like Unfaithful meets a “remember when” love story. It follows Veronica, a 33-year-old stay-at-home-mom, who is on the brink of a meltdown. She’s desperate to cover up a brief love affair with a 22-year-old neighbor, as well as the abortion that followed, yet she’s determined to resurrect the love her husband and her once had. It’s a darker provocative alternative to the modern domestic novel—a raw honest look at love, marriage, the courage to forgive, and the journey to preserve the dream of happily-ever-after as it applies to one’s self. It’s my first born and I’m really excited to be working with an agent on it. Continue reading “Featured Fem | Meet Jan Saenz”