Featured Friday | Meet Joanna Walsh

Photo by Wayne Thomas

Today’s Featured Writer edits fiction for 3:AM Magazine, writes for The Guardian, runs the Twitter account for #ReadWomen, and so much more. Joanna Walsh is a force to behold. Check out our interview with her:

Fem: How did you get started with #ReadWomen?

Joanna Walsh: It really was almost accidental. I made some new year’s cards with drawings, and a list of women writers, and asked people on Twitter to contribute more names. So many people wanted to take part (and wanted the cards). After a month I had to make the decision to give it up, or invest in it more heavily. I chose the second, and I’m very glad I did. I try to run the Twitter account as a platform for writing news, and for connecting other projects. I’m currently working with translator Katy Derbyshire, and others, towards founding a prize for fiction in English translation, written by women, an area in which they are heavily underrepresented. Continue reading “Featured Friday | Meet Joanna Walsh”