Featured Fem | Meet Julia Alexander

IMG_0013Fem: Who inspires your poetry?

Julia Alexander: I draw inspiration from a lot of different places. I’ve been making it my goal to be a more open minded reader. I too often find myself only reading poetry and never branching out, but I really think there’s a lot to be learned as a poet from reading fiction and memoir. But, lately the poets I’ve been reading have been Gregory Orr, Plath, Ocean Vuong, and Anne Carson. Continue reading “Featured Fem | Meet Julia Alexander”

Things I Have Been Meaning To Say | Julia Alexander

i. a smashed in window,
broken ankle throbbing,
i have pulled bits of glass from my palms
every day for a month.
ii. i always think that
people are staring at me.
i always look down, always avoid the eyes. Continue reading “Things I Have Been Meaning To Say | Julia Alexander”