I’ve Always Been A Wish Girl | Mahjabeen Syed

I’ve always been a “wish,” girl.

I wish I had different colored eyes, I wish I could pull off lighter hair, I wish I could have better skin, I wish my nose was smaller, I wish, I wish, I wish…

Makeup and I have been going steady for five years now. That’s longer than any relationship I’ve ever had with any man. Makeup and I are very much like most couples. We get along most days, don’t have any contact other days, and our relationship changes with the season because, you see, we both are chameleons—always forming and conforming to new trends and new desires. In the spring, I add a pop of color to my cheeks. In the summer, I sport brighter lips. In the fall, I have dramatic eyes. And in the winter, I stick to neutrals.

When I was in high school, I wore a streak of black Indian kajal (eyeliner) on my waterline or painted a bold purple or teal on my lids and nothing more because I was fine with my skin; there weren’t any pimples or dark spots to worry about then, even though I had the greasy snacking habits of a New York City street-rat. Continue reading “I’ve Always Been A Wish Girl | Mahjabeen Syed”