Featured Fem | Meet Melissa Rose

melpromo2Melissa Rose has been a member of the spoken word community since 2001 and has been organizing spoken word events and facilitating creative writing workshops for over 10 years. Melissa was a team member and coach of Palo Alto’s National Poetry Slam Team in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2014. She has performed her poetry all over the United States and Germany, was a featured poet at the German National Poetry Slam in 2010 and a Group Piece Finalist at The National Poetry Slam in 2014. Her poetry has been featured in a variety of magazines and international poetry anthologies. She is currently the Executive Director of S.I.R.E.N. a non profit program that empowers teen girls through spoken word.

Fem: What are some rewards of performing spoken word?

Melissa Rose: IĀ feel like the rewards to performing spoken word pieces are the connection with audiences. The ability to be honest with your audience and draw similarities to ourselves as sharing a genuine human experience. When I write my pieces, I know some people in an audience may not have had the same experiences as I have, but they can still identify with me when I am being fully present, authentic, and truthful about those experiences. I think spoken word as an art form is a fantastic way to educate others because it is based on human connection, so information is easier to hear and process. Continue reading “Featured Fem | Meet Melissa Rose”