Getting Mary Out of the Way by Natalie Solmer

So, maybe Mary met Joseph at reggae night
in a small basement bar and maybe Joseph
was an exceptional dancer, an athlete with arthritis.

Could it have been? Joseph was a Jamaican immigrant—
balding and spiritual, not religious. And maybe Mary
sold flowers at the grocery store and perhaps

when she went home and prayed at her altar,
she lit a pink candle called Manifest A Miracle,
and shuffled her tarot cards. Would you believe

Mary refused to marry Joseph when he asked?
Maybe Jesus was their second son. Maybe this Joseph’s
father was in fact a carpenter, but he himself

installed cable. What if Mary caught Joseph cheating
by finding condoms and receipts? Maybe Mary moved
out and received food stamps. Sorrow, sorrow, we all know Continue reading “Getting Mary Out of the Way by Natalie Solmer”