Intro to Spoken Word: A Fem Workshop

Greetings from The Fem!

We’re still on hiatus, but we have a wonderful (free) opportunity to share. The Fem Literary Magazine will be hosting our very first workshop! We’re looking for eight (8) people to join our editor, Jasmine Combs, as she explores the art of spoken word. What makes it different from written poetry? What does it mean to perform a piece?


Saturday, December 3, 2016 @ 1-2pm EST
Sunday, December 11, 2016 @ 1-2pm EST

  • If interested, please email
  • The subject of the email should contain your last name followed by “workshop app”(Example: Combs Workshop App) 
  • In the body of the email, please leave a brief statement explaining why you want to be a part of this workshop. How will this exercise benefit you as a writer/performer? Include anything else you may deem relevant (previous publications, video/audio examples of your spoken word, etc).
  • You must be available for both dates
  • Must have audio/video access on computer
  • This is entirely FREE!
  • Anyone may apply but please note that we are giving special consideration to writers who are new to spoken word
  • Deadline: November 28, 2016

Thanks in advance to all who apply. We hope to have more workshop activities in the future so please keep an eye out for those as well!

2 Pieces | Mia S. Willis


God showed me how I was made last night.
She came to me in a dream, all barefoot and African regal,
And She told me that I am a bomb.
I am the nuclear explosion that will drive out the dark.
I have Napalm on my tongue and a fuse in my mind;
God told me that I was designed to speak fire into the air of Her Earth.
She said that on the sixth morning, She used a yam tree to pick out Her afro, Continue reading “2 Pieces | Mia S. Willis”

if teta never had to leave lebanon i wonder if she would make preserves | Jess Rizkallah


the middle east wasn’t called the middle east before the west started calling it that.
i learned this three years into college,
twenty-one years into the first generation,
and so many poems deep about how
this region is a cat back and forth
under the DNA propping up my blood. Continue reading “if teta never had to leave lebanon i wonder if she would make preserves | Jess Rizkallah”