What Our Editors Read This Week (5/20)

Literary Juneteenth (or Why I Left The Offing) by Casey Roucheteau in The Offing

There is such a stark cognitive dissonance at present — Black writers winning prestigious literary awards and facing watermelon jokes in the same moment, white editors wanting racial diversity while still publishing racist poems. The need for The Offinghas always been a need for the diversity of its masthead and its contributors. I left, not because I’m an angry black person, but because I don’t want my face being used to bolster white peoples’ best intentions.

I Don’t Want To Be A Translator Of The Disabled Experience by Venessa Parekh in Femsplain

I wrote about coming to terms with my body and the wonders of sexting. I was on the morning news talking about disability and sex. I dipped my toe in the world of disability fetishes and found fascinating people, able bodied and disabled, all so willing to explain their idea of fun to me — even though I ultimately rejected it. I ranted about being objectified with a smile.


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