Featured Friday | Meet Sheila McMullin


On this Featured Friday, we interviewed feminist editor and writer, Sheila McMullin. Read more about her and her work below:

Fem: You do a lot for feminism and writing. Do you mind listing the magazines/organizations you work with?

Sheila McMullin: I’d love the opportunity to list the magazines and organizations I partner with! Thank you!

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

I am on the Web Team and serve as the Assistant Managing Editor. I write a column, called “Spotlight On!,” featuring and celebrating literary publications that publish exemplary work and include within their pages a diverse representation of writers.  I manage the press kit and events calendar (send your feminist events to smcmullin@vidaweb.com) among some other tasks. And this year I was integral to managing and releasing the first Women of Color Count. This has been an exciting year to volunteer with VIDA.

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Luna Communicate | Sheila McMullin

After three full moons, my grandfather
pulls from his Bible the pink, laminated bookmark of her obituary.
Compares its hues to his deep purple wine
and the wine to the sugarcane overgrowth in the yard.

He takes me outside to show me the moon.
Again, it is waning.
He cups my hair
like folding water and kisses it.

In his yard he is a pagan.
He sets down a stone kettle
under the moonlit tatters of the fig tree.
Buries the stone’s cold feet in the crabgrass
to keep as a marker for the coming iron fire pit.

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