When I Was Felicia | Shell Feijo

I had swag, a slow walk with just enough sass. Sauntering my round ass helped me act like I belonged, wherever I was. Blond hair feathered around my freckled face. I smiled with a giggle, a little sideways, gloss shining on pink lips. My pucker looked like childhood, and my cheeks shined in the cool wind of an Oakland night. The red encircling these deep blue eyes told a different story but I could fool you still. Just let me laugh.

When the men stopped their cars, I lit up. It was an act, of course, but they fell for it.

“What’s your name?”

“Felicia. What’s yours baby?”

It went fast from there. “How much?”

“You got a place?”

“Car okay?”

“Sure. Pull around the corner to the alley.” Continue reading “When I Was Felicia | Shell Feijo”