Do You Like Her by Sonya Huber

Do you like her? But do you like her? But do you trust her? I don’t know. Her hair is weird. I think she tries too hard. I think she’s stuck up. I think she thinks she’s too smart. I think she is too smart for her own good. I think she wants to control everything. I think she doesn’t know how to have fun. I think she’s frigid. I wonder why she stays. I think she’s only staying with that boy because she can’t do better. I think she has low self-esteem. I think I have a weird feeling about her. But do you like her? I feel all this pressure to like her and yet I somehow don’t. I don’t like her. I kind of hate her. I once was friends with her and then she got to be a bitch. I think she’s a bitch. I think she’s a liar. I think my friends don’t like her, so I kind of don’t like her. All of my friends like her but I don’t. All Continue reading “Do You Like Her by Sonya Huber”