Stars More Massive Than The Sun | Taylor Pavolillo

I think that I attract storm chasers—
men who love the thrill of being near a disaster
just so they can appear brave and heroic
for being able to say that they tried.
You know the kind: quotes Shakespeare after we fuck
and counts himself among the scars across my wrist.
He wants to save me. He wants everyone to know
he was the one who could do it.
The men I attract have razors in their teeth—
they’re men who like to watch me bleed.
They tell me something can’t be beautiful
if it’s not collapsing in on itself like a dying star.

Taylor Pavolillo is a writer living in Oakland, California who studies Creative Writing and Women and Gender Studies at San Francisco State University. She is the estranged mother of an adorable cat and dog who currently live in San Diego with her mother. She hopes these poems find you fearless and unashamed.

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