Our Philosophy

We define feminism as the inclusive and intersectional demand for equal representation in society.

We believe that feminist writing is responsible writing, i.e. writing that recognizes that it does not exist in a vacuum and thus has an influence on society and culture.

We seek to challenge the binaries that often come along with sex, gender, race, ability, and sexuality. We want characters who exist between and beyond these binaries, and whose experiences challenge societal norms that reinforce a binaristic system.

We want writing that encompasses a variety of identities and experiences. When we choose to tell someone’s story, we are saying that their experiences are important to the masses, and worth reading about. Literary magazines and journals have been critiqued for privileging the stories of straight, cisgender, able-bodied, heterosexual white males. We seek to aid the typically undersupported and underrepresented by privileging works about marginalized and oppressed individuals.

We define good literature as writing that speaks to experience. Good literature is open-minded, well-informed, and ever-changing to reflect shifts across cultures. It is deeply honest and breaks the conventions of privilege.  Good literature is emotionally powerful, thought-provoking, and ground-breaking. It is high-quality, well-edited work.


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