Create Your Own Rise And Fall | Juliet Cook and j/j hastain


In this dream I’m at the top
of my favorite Ferris Wheel
right before it starts


The stars I mean
are falling. Am I Chicken
Little? Who am I when I fall?

I was never a popular star,
but that didn’t mean I couldn’t
make my own modifications,
convert blades into
wings I covet.

Uncertain coverings
with things hidden in between
fingernails, cages, undersides.
Ravens rise. Uneven, then
terse, about to converge upon
the magpies and fight
for an assortment of eyes,
a root system of gray skies,
killer thighs and light
that hits them just right.


How can you be direct and to the point
unless you stick a hundred different things into one
small shape and pretend that means something
that can’t possibly break?

It’s going to break.

It’s going to fall
from the top of the Ferris Wheel
& some of it will crash down
& some of it will rise up
& some of it will create
new shapes for what used to be broken
eyeballs. Multicolored with
mutilated flowers inside.

Others have their eyes shut
so they don’t explode.

We need to feel
like we are something


Multi sexed and reorienting
by seizing and sizing up
any rejection
into something unsinister
and far more sisterly.

Mixed breed of colors. Colored
pencils dripping
salt and choice.
Choose your own

Dive out of the top
before it falls.

Juliet Cook is a grotesque glitter witch medusa hybrid brimming with black, grey, silver, purple, and dark red explosions. Her poetry has appeared in a peculiar multitude of literary publications, recently including Arsenic Lobster, Diode, FLAPPERHOUSE, ILK, Menacing Hedge, and Tarpaulin Sky Press. She is the author of more than thirteen poetry chapbooks, most recently including POISONOUS BEAUTYSKULL LOLLIPOP (Grey Book Press, 2013), RED DEMOLITION (Shirt Pocket Press, 2014), a collaboration with Robert Cole called MUTANT NEURON CODEX SWARM (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2015), and a collaboration with j/j hastain called Dive Back Down (new from Dancing Girl Press). Juliet’s first full-length poetry book, “Horrific Confection”, was published by BlazeVOX in 2008 and her second full-length poetry book, “Malformed Confetti” is forthcoming from Crisis Chronicles Press.  In addition to her writing, Cook creates other art too, such as semi-abstract painting/collage art hybrid creatures. You can find out more at

j/j hastain is the inventor of The Mystical Sentence Projects and is author of several cross-genre books including the trans-genre book libertine monk (Scrambler Press), Apophallation Sketches (MadHat Press), Luci: a Forbidden Soteriology (Black Radish Books), The Non-Novels (Spuyten Duyvil) and The Xyr Trilogy: a Metaphysical Romance of Experimental Realisms. j/j’s writing has most recently appeared in Caketrain, TrickhouseThe CollagistHousefireBombay Gin,Aufgabe and Tarpaulin Sky Press.

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