5 Pieces by Giada Cattaneo


image1 (1)

image1 (2)

image1 (3)


Giada Cattaneo is an Italian Illustrator with a strong Italian accent. She is based in Miami Beach, Florida and studied History of Art at the University of Bologna, Italy. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in November 2014 with a thesis focused on the Florida-based sculptor Duane Hanson.She recently showcased her  watercolor paintings at Jude Papaloko’s “Jakmel Gallery” at Wynwood Art District in Miami. She has  collaborated with Italian Editors and Artist Associations: Enrico Folci Editore (Roma), SensoInverso Edizioni (RAvenna), UAO Edizioni ( l’Aquila), Eventualmente Edizioni (Palermo), Freaks Edizioni (Faenza), Cacofonico Editore ( Faenza), Fermenti Editrice ( Roma), Progetto Flaneri Edizioni ( Roma), Zacem Cultural Association (Savona), L’URLO Magazine (Ancona), il Cacofonico Magazine (Faenza).Her paintings have been shown at Jakmel Art Gallery, Wynwood Art District, Miami. In the United States, her illustrations will be published in Fourteen Hills Magazine, Black Scat Review,  Puerto Del Sol,  and Meat for Tea Magazine.

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